5 Best German Shepherd Training Tips and Tricks

German shepherd dog owners can agree with me that they have never been disappointed by their pets at all. The German shepherd dogs are the strongest, smartest and also obedient pets that are most well regarded by many people. For those who plan to adopt these dog breeds, herein are top training tips and tricks you should know;

Listen to your dog

It is good to learn early to listen to your pet at home. If for instance, your German shepherd dog seems uncomfortable rolling out with other people, animals, or dogs, you should stick to this and never force things to happen. The dog might be doing all this for a particular reason, and there is a need that you respect that.

Remain generous with all your affection

Out there, you will find out that many people find it difficult assuming the silly things that their dogs do, but they will ignore all the good stuff these dogs will also do. This is a big mistake, and you need to give your pet a lot of attention whenever he does something good.

Grant him freedom

Your German shepherd should be granted its freedom within your home. Do not make a mistake of allowing it too much freedom during the early stages either. This is due to the possible chewing of unwanted materials and accidents concerning house training. You should ensure that you have left the off doors closed and you can use the baby gates for sectioning the distant parts. You can curb this by tethering you GSD to you while inside the house times when you can’t supervise him

Give him instructions on what to do.

You should understand that the German shepherd doesn’t generalize well so when you are trying to stop it from doing something, consider not using “no” frequently but instead tell it what is supposed to do This will not get it confused on what its next step should be.

Maintain consistency

If you don’t want to cause unnecessary confusion to your GSD, ensure that you involve all your family members. If you decide to use “off” for instance as a command when you want your GSD out of the couch whereas someone else uses down when left to hang out with it, it will be challenging for it to learn. Ensure that you maintain consistency if you desire to be successful in training it.

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